Important Things to Note About Denture Repair

If you are new to dentures or have used dentures for quite some time without any repair requirements, you need to know the factors that necessitate denture repair. With these factors in mind, you can avoid injury to your mouth — especially your gums and tongue. Since you use your mouth every day to talk, eat and drink, a painful mouth injury would make you restless. Types of Denture Repairs [Read More]

Common Repairs Your Denture May Need

Just like natural teeth, if you have dentures, they are eventually going to need to be repaired by your dentist. A denture may break over time, or it may suddenly break. Either way, it's important to your dental as well as emotional health that your repairs are done quickly. Here is a look at the common things that can occasionally go wrong with your dentures and require denture repair. Hairline Cracks [Read More]

Reliable Tips for Preventing Unnecessary Denture Repairs

If your natural teeth have suffered an extreme tooth decay and you are finding it difficult to smile, you can choose to get dentures. Dentures help by filling your smile with outstanding false teeth that resemble your original natural ones. Other than making your smile attractive, dentures promote your oral health, and all this builds confidence. Usually, dentures are built to last, but they still need regular proper care. What's more, you have spent a lot on them, and the last thing you want is to start paying for denture repairs because you were too careless and damaged the dentures. [Read More]

The Importance of Oral Healthcare

Oral health is one of the most neglected parts of Australian healthcare. Although there have been huge public health awareness programmes that have related to issues like skin cancer and mental health problem, oral health tends to miss out. This is despite the fact that tooth decay is a particular issue in the country. According to certain studies, around half of all Australian children suffer from some form of tooth decay before they have even reached their teenage years. [Read More]