Do You Think Your Teeth Are Too Short? The Solution Is Easier Than You Might Think

Have you ever thought that your teeth are too short? It can be a personal concern, something you might even have been self conscious about when you smile. While it rarely affects your ability to speak and chew food, it's not something that is all that difficult to correct. Giving your teeth some extra length is generally a simple process that can be carried out at your local dental clinic. So how does it work? [Read More]

6 Tips to Keep False Teeth Securely in Place

If you have lost teeth, false teeth can help you eat, talk, and flash a winning smile. However, many people struggle with their false teeth slipping when they chew or speak. Use these six tips to keep your false teeth securely seated in your gums. 1. Introduce New Foods Gradually  Eating with dentures requires practice. False teeth can feel strange at first, which can make it difficult to chew certain foods. [Read More]

A Comparison Between Dental Bleaching and Porcelain Veneers

Individuals who would like whiter teeth have several options, such as having their teeth bleached or getting composite resin or porcelain veneers. Some patients may not know which option is better for them due to having insufficient information about those alternatives. This article compares having your teeth bleached to having porcelain veneers applied. Use this information to select the most appropriate option for your needs. Impact on Tooth Colour Bleached teeth remain natural, except that they have been made whiter than they were before the cosmetic dentistry procedure. [Read More]

Brace For It: The Pros & Cons of Hidden Braces for Teens

Teenagers are grumpy creatures at the best of times, but when it comes to braces, the idea of having metal in the mouth creates a whole new level of anxiety. Now your child knows their teeth need professional dental intervention to get them straight, what options do you have to do this when traditional braces have your child not wanting to smile for the next two years? Hidden braces fitted behind the teeth are one answer, and these are the pros and cons your child needs to know. [Read More]