Cracked a Crown? Here's What You Need to Do Right Away

When you bite down on a hard nut or sticky sweet and feel a dental crown break, don't panic. With the right dental treatment, you can get your crown repaired so you can go back to eating all your favourite foods without pain. Here are some steps to take right away to protect your teeth and overall oral health when you break a crown. 1. Remove the Crown First of all, spit the crown into your hand or onto a surface. [Read More]

Teeth Whitening: Three Simple Guidelines for Protecting Your Teeth

If you are interested in whitening your teeth for a better smile, you should plan for professional dental cleaning and brightening. In general, a dentist will perform deep cleaning of the tooth surfaces and eliminate all discoloured elements with efficiency. Also, you should note that in-office dental brightening is safer because the work will be done by an experienced person. However, if you do not want to have your teeth whitened in a dental office, you can perform the process at home. [Read More]

Are Your Gums Giving You a Metallic Taste in Your Mouth?

If you have had a metallic taste in your mouth for a few days or even weeks, then you'll have tried to work out where the taste is coming from. If you've had this for a while, then it isn't likely to be caused by stuff you're eating or drinking. You may also have ruled out medications or illnesses as a cause of the taste. If you're at a loss to work out what is going on with your taste buds, then it may be time to consider whether you have a dental problem. [Read More]

Why Keep Your Temporary Dentures After Your Permanent Teeth Are Fitted?

When you had all your teeth out to get ready for dentures, your dentist may have fitted immediate dentures as a temporary measure. These dentures replaced your natural teeth until you were ready to have your proper set made. Once you've had your permanent dentures fitted, you may wonder what to do with your immediate set. While you may think that you'll trash them because you won't need them any longer, it's worth hanging on to these teeth. [Read More]